Just Put It Down


"Storytelling liberates you from the heavy weight of the past. Just put it down."


                -S. Jane Gari, three-time Pushcart Prize Nominee  and                      award-winning author



Writing my memoir (Losing the Dollhouse) allowed me to quiet the anxiety triggered by a stepfather’s molestation and a mother’s betrayal. Storytelling allows us to make sense of our experiences—to achieve forgiveness and healing and overcome fear. 


Achieve Forgiveness—

Just put down the anger and move from acceptance to peace.


Achieve Healing—

Just put down the hurt and move from examination to empowerment.


Overcome Fear—

Just put down the title of “victim” and move from challenger to champion.


My goal for Losing the Dollhouse (an emotional abuse book) and my workshops, is to add to the human conversation about healing and forgiveness. It is possible to recover and thrive, even after the deepest of betrayals.


Storytelling liberates you from the heavy weight of the past. We don't have to carry it anymore. Just put it down. 



When I'm not writing, I'm teaching workshopsediting other people's work and tutoring children





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