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Losing the Dollhouse


Available on Amazon, published by Touchpoint Press

When nineteen-year-old Jane finally works up the nerve to expose the truth about her stepfather's sexual advances, her mother is outraged.  But not at the stepfather. Her mother takes his side - a betrayal that threatens to destroy the family and leaves Jane struggling to forge her own identity as she enters adulthood. Once marriage is on the table,

Jane packs up her life and resolves to stare down her demons and begin healing from emotional abuse. Losing the Dollhouse offers a slice of dysfunctional Americana complete with children of divorce, blended families, eating disorders, living with OCD, and the messy search for true love. 


There are a lot of books about abusive parents, but few recount, as this memoir does, the subtle power of psychological abuse. Losing the Dollhouse details the journey from anger to a place of understanding, and even forgiveness, of an emotionally abusive mother and a predatory stepfather.  
















Praise for Losing the Dollhouse


"It takes tremendous courage and strength to share the most vulnerable parts of our lives with the world. I thank S. Jane Gari for giving a voice to important issues and victims that are all too often ignored." 

--Ashley Rhodes-Courter, Author of the International Bestseller, Three Little Words


“I read Losing the Dollhouse in one breathless day, riveted by each skillfully conveyed twist in the author's odyssey toward adulthood and acceptance, and by her passionately clear, honest voice. S. Jane Gari has written a beautiful, bighearted book on family secrets, memory, and most of all, the power of love and forgiveness.”

Mary Elizabeth Williams, Author of Gimme Shelter and Stage 5: A True Story of Love, Cancer, Science, and Survival



“In this beautifully crafted, insightful memoir, S. Jane Gari details not only the manipulation and betrayal she endured at the hands of those whose protection she deserved, but the self-doubt and damage left in the wake. Powerfully written, unsparing in its candor, Losing the Dollhouse is the work of a courageous survivor who refuses to lose herself.”

--Denise Brown, Author of the memoir, The Unspeakable


“This is a work of intelligence, sensitivity and honesty that at times is spellbinding. This is more than a coming-of-age story. It is a psychological portrait, richly detailed but never tedious.”

--Ina Claire Gabler, Author of the critically acclaimed short story collection, Unexpected Returns


Other Works:



Jane co-wrote a humor book with screenwriter Heidi Willis titled Flush This Book: True Tales of Bodily Malfunctions


She also co-authored The Idiot's Guide to the Healthy Gut Diet with dietitian Wendie Schneider published by Alpha Books (a division of Penguin/Random House).  

Jane is currently looking for representation for her first novel, Shakespeare's Daughters.








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